Groomer Operator Organizational Meeting

On Saturday, December 5, there will be an organizational Groomer Operator Team meeting at Norwood Pines Supper Club at 10:00 AM (10171 WI Hwy 70 W, Minocqua).

Some of you have previously been contacted regarding the meeting but we are also reaching out to the rest of the club.  If you are interested, please respond either to this email or to Dave Hermes at: and indicate one of these options:

I plan to attend and will bring my signed forms with me (forms will be provided at the meeting if you can’t print them at home)
I can’t attend the meeting, but it’s my intention to be a member of the Groomer Operator Team (forms can either be dropped off at Rynders Companies, emailed if you have scanning capability or brought to a follow-up meeting).
I am not able to groom on a regular basis, but would like to help out on a limited bases (forms still need to be submitted and attendance at the meeting is recommended).
Attached below are the following forms for you to fill out and bring to the meeting:

Employee Application
Operator Preference Document
Also attached below are general information documents that will be discussed at the meeting:

Bylaw Policy
General Information
Equipment Manager Responsibilities (the ones highlighted reference operators)
Social distancing and mask wearing is recommended during the meeting.

We hope to see you on Saturday,

Grooming Supervisors (Bob Rynders, Dave Hermes & Tom Teichmiller)

Employee Application Form
Groomer Operator Preference Sheet
Groomer Operator By-Law Policy
Groomer Operator General Information
Equipment Manager Responsibilities