Trail Opening Process
Is public parking available for vehicles and trailers?

Yes - There is a public lot at the corner of 70W and Camp Pinemere Road at the Minocqua Sports Complex for daily parking only (no overnight parking).  The snowmobile trail runs alongside of the parking lot.

How do I get a copy of the Minocqua Forest Riders trail map?

Local businesses have maps available on site, or you can purchase one on line by clicking here.

What does the land owner partnership mean?

We have almost 100 Land Use Agreements with individuals and government agencies that allow us to access their property.

The clubs in Wisconsin have a unique partnership with thousands of landowners and without their generosity, our statewide trail system would not be possible.  Unlike other outdoor recreationists, we don't rely on public lands to provide the facilities.  Snowmobilers rely on snowmobile clubs and their volunteer members (Dennis Mirr) to talk to private property landowners to get permission to be on their property via the trail(s)!.

What many snowmobilers don't understand is that the clubs are given permission to put a trail across that property in an agreed upon route which allows for riding only on the marked corridor.  That means anytime someone rides outside of the marked trail, they are trespassing and can be prosecuted.

Every year trails are lost because of off-trail riding and loud exhausts, and re-routing a trail is not as easy as it sounds.

Please be respectful and stay on the trails at all times!

What does the Sunshine Coordinator do?

The coordinator sends condolences on behalf of the club to any member that is seriously ill, in the hospital, has had a family member pass away, or if the member has passed, the condolences will be passed on to their family.  Please let Karen Race know by sending her an email at:

Is the club a non-profit organization?

Yes.  The club is a 501c3.  All donations above and beyond memberships are tax deductible.  We are a non-profit club that operates exclusively on state funding and individual, business and other non-profit organization donations.

What area is the club responsible for grooming?

Our trail system winds through about 200 square miles of woodland that is located within a rectangular region east of the price county line, south of highway 70, west of the Bearskin Trail and north of the Willow Reservoir.

What is a TIN number?

Oneida County Snowmobile Clubs have placed square brown numbered signs, at key intersections, throughout their trail systems.

In the event of an emergency and when you call 911, the operator will ask you for this number. Their emergency response system can identify these numbers and give important location information to rescue personnel. Please make a note of these intersection numbers as you are riding.

Minocqua Forest Riders Snowmobile Club TIN Numbers begin with a "6 - SIX" as you travel our trail system.

How many members are in our club?

As of January, 2020 there are 466 members.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

There are many different avenues to sign up.  The easiest would be to send an email to: and we will be sure to pass along your inquiry.  The success of our club is largely because of the volunteer hours donated by its members.  Each year, almost 2,000 hours are donated by members who participate in fall maintenance work, operate the grooming machines during the season, work in the shop prepping and maintaining the equipment, serving in various leadership roles and working at club events.

How much does a groomer cost?

It all depends on the make, model and year of the machine - anywhere from $100,000 - $250,000.

How many pieces of grooming equipment does the club own?

We own over $800,000 worth of trail maintenance equipment including:

  • 2018 Trail 400 Groomer, Manufactured By Piston Bully
  • 2016 Trail Bully Groomer, Manufactured By Piston Bully
  • 2014 Trail Bully Groomer, Manufactured By Piston Bully
  • 2011 Kubota Tracked Tractor With Maintenance And Grooming Attachments
  • 1998 New Holland Tractor With A Brushing Boom Attachment
  • 2009 Ski-Doo Skandic Snowmobile
  • 1998 Polaris Snowmobile
  • A 11’6” Wide Dubie Welding Drag
  • A 9’6” Wide Dubie Welding Drag
  • A 9’6” Wide Arrowhead Drag
Is there a grooming schedule?

Yes the trails are groomed according to a schedule which the groomer operators have. If you are interested in grooming, please send an email to and someone will get in touch with you. We groom and maintain ~161 miles of trails and we mark snowmobile trails on five lakes within our boundaries.