Order trail passes, check status, print membership cards from the AWSC website.  AWSC membership runs 07/01 through 06/30 annually.  AWSC dues cost $13.00.

Paying by credit card is the fastest method.  For those mailing in the trail pass form and paying by check, please be sure to fill your name and address is EXACTLY what the WI DNR has on file, or the form will be returned by AWSC.  Both memberships (snowmobile club & AWSC) must be current.

  • Renew early - it takes processing time for the club and AWSC to update
  • AWSC no longer mails the yellow AWSC membership cards
  • Trail passes cannot be picked up in person
  • You can legally ride with your trail pass receipt
  • It can take up to 21 days for delivery via US mail
  • Call the AWSC office within 30 days of order date if your trail pass has not arrived by mail
  • No refunds

You can also find your AWSC number (which never changes) on the address label of your Wisconsin Snowmobile News Magazine.  Take a picture of the label with your phone and you'll have that AWSC number with you all the time.

The age of your snowmobile matters:
If your snowmobile is 35 years old or Older, a trail pass is NOT REQUIRED 


Please note:

AWSC dues are processed by the Minocqua Forest Riders on the 1st and the 15th of each month until the trails open.  Once trails are open they are processed more frequently.

The turnaround time has generally been 48 hours but with the current overload it may take a little longer once AWSC receives MFR membership info.

Additional questions can be directed to Suzie Ramirez at:  minocquaforestriders@gmail.com