Beef-A-Rama Thank You!!

Sending a huge THANK YOU to so many of our members who were able to help the Lakeland Rotary with Beef-A-Rama!! It is no small task to set up, work the event, and tear down – it takes a LOT of people to make it happen!   Not only is this effort great for the community, IT’S A LOT OF FUN!  In fact, if you’re interested in signing up for next year (don’t worry about making a commitment this far in advance – we will contact you to check on your availability when we get closer), please contact:

·   John Ryan: (Friday setup and/or Sunday teardown)

·   Sue Ramirez:  (Saturday opportunities – shifts are 4 hours or less)

Lakeland Rotary receives requests each year from local non-profit groups asking them to join their organization to raise funds for the many projects they support.  In exchange for our volunteer hours, they make a large donation to our club.

There were over 2500 sandwiches sold in less than 4 1/2 hours & the beverage supply was depleted close to zero!!  Unused and frozen Ciabatta buns are available for purchase at Northwoods Foods/TJs Butcher Block.  The buns were a special order and cannot be returned.  If anyone is interested the cost is $3.00/6 pack or $5.00/2 packs or $20.00 for a case which contains 8 packs (7 cases are available).  Contact: or 715.892.8182.

Once Again …..Thank You To Everyone Who Helped – You All Made Beef-A-Rama A Great Event!