Cruise for Cancer Ride 2021

To: Minocqua Forest Rider Board of Directors and Members,

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel the 2021 Northwoods Cruise for Cancer. This is just a pause for this worthy event, we are not canceling permanently.  We understand cancer stops for no one.  However, we are focused on everyone’s health and safety during this pandemic – something we are all struggling with.  This event has been successful because of the many volunteers reaching out to the public for their generous donations and monetary gifts.  It does not seem to be appropriate nor does it seem right to risk people’s health during the current status of this pandemic.  If the community wishes to make donations to the Northwoods Cancer Care Fund, we can forward those monetary gifts to the Marshfield Clinic Foundation.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any donations.  Our contact information will be at the end of this letter.

The following information from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the guidelines from the CDC are listed below to outline how we came to this decision.

The Wis Dept of Health Services (DHS) web page currently states the following:

·      Stay at least 6′ away from people when possible
·      Avoid gatherings of 10 or more people
·      Stay at home as much as possible. Cancel events and avoid groups, gatherings, play dates and non-essential appointments.

Guiding Principles from the CDC website:
·      A gathering refers to a planned or spontaneous event, indoors or outdoors, with a small number of people participating or a large number of people in attendance, such as a community event or gathering, concert, festival, conference, parade, wedding, or sporting event.
·      The more people an individual interacts with at a gathering and the longer that interaction lasts, the higher the potential risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 and COVID-19 spreading.
·      The higher the level of community transmission in the area that the gathering is being held, the higher the risk of COVID-19 spreading during a gathering.
·      The size of an event or gathering should be determined based on state, local, territorial or tribal safety laws and regulations.

To summarize, at this time,  the CDC and the Wisconsin DHS does not advise large gatherings, and there is no projected time frame available as to when this advisory would change. Public health experts agree that large gatherings of people in sustained, close contact greatly increases the risk for spread of the virus among those who attend the events and to the communities these individuals return to after the event. The communal nature of such events makes it especially challenging to accommodate the physical distancing and sanitation recommendations required to slow the spread of disease. This includes but is not limited to fairs, festivals, parades, and conferences.


Thank you ALL for your help with the Northwoods Cruise for Cancer!

We wish good health and safety to all!

Ed and Debbie Rohowetz
Northwoods Cruise for Cancer Chairpersons
5998 Mid Twin Rd. Hazelhurst, WI 54531
Home 715-356-6279
Ed contact:  314-393-7890 /
Debbie contact:  636-938-3646 /