Follow-up Regarding our Groomer Training Day

On Sunday, February 13, a groomer training day took place at the Minocqua Forest Riders Groomer shed.  The day was picture perfect ….. sunny, cold and lots of snow!!  There were six Minocqua Forest Rider Members that came out to get a first-hand look and feel of our grooming equipment!

The grooming day idea (while the snow is on the ground) came from two of our experienced groomers; Jerry Wakefield and George Tamms.  Our club has a number of very experienced groomers, and the team is always interested in getting new people involved.  What better way to do this than to invite members out for a few hours to see what it takes to operate the machines!  It is very difficult to get an appreciation of the equipment while the machines are parked in the shed.

George and Jerry did a fantastic job explaining step by step, how the operations and safety features of the groomers work before taking individuals out for short rides.  Each potential “trainee” then had the opportunity to drive a groomer back to the shed!.  A new trainee will spend at least one full year with a seasoned groomer and will never be out in a machine on their own during training.

Thank you again to George and Jerry for taking time out of their weekend(s)!!  We hope those of you who came out Sunday, enjoyed the experience, as well as the chance to meet a few new people!  If you are interested in pursuing  groomer training and would like to ride along with one of our experienced groomers, please send an email to

It would be great if the club gains a few new recruits to help continue our motto……”Grooming For You Is What We Do”!!

As a quick reminder, our annual snowmobile raffle (and biggest fundraiser for the club), is this coming Saturday at Lakeland Powersports.  Hope to see many of you there!