Friday, January 10, 2020 Club Ride

Friday, January 10, 2020
Weekly Group Snowmobile Ride to Musky Jack’s
The club held their first group ride of the season. Twenty-two riders found very good to excellent conditions heading west to Musky Jacks for lunch.

Forest Rider Trails:
Excellent Condition: Corridor 10W, Corridor 12W, Trail 7 and Trail 5
Very Good Condition: Corridor 10E, Corridor 12E, Trail C and Trail P
Good Condition: Trail 9, Trail D and Trail G
Fair: Trail BB

Willow Region Trails:
Good Condition: Trail 5, Trail 8E and Trail I
Poor Condition: Corridor 12W/Trail 8W

Trail Closings:
•         Trail 5 from Willow Rd (TIN-525) to the Spillway (TIN-524)
•         Trail 5A (TIN-653 to Pier Lake)
•         Trail 8B from Forest Crop Rd to Willow Lake
•         Trail D (The Kobart Trail) running between Squirrel and Sunday Lakes
•         Trail R leading to the County Line Station from Trail D
•         Trail S leading to Squaw Lake on the south shore
•         Trail W (TIN-659 to the boat ramp)

The lakes are not ready to be marked at this time and Remain Closed Until Further Notice!

Trail Grooming:
Corridor 10 and Trail 5 is groomed 5 times a week; Corridor 12 is groomed 4 times a week; All other club trails are groomed at least twice a week. To maintain quality trails, our grooming machines will be out during daytime hours.