Friday, January 17, 2020 Club Ride

We’ll be traveling on Forest Rider trails to our lunch destination on the Willow River. On the way home, we’ll explore Trail I which runs south of the Willow Flowage.

*** Club Membership Is Not Needed To Participate ***

Destination: J & D’s Reel ’Em In Resort

Time: Meet at 10:15 AM and be ready to ride at 10:30 AM

Location: The Intersection of Corridor 10 & Trail 9 (TIN-601)

Route: South on Trail 9; West on Corridor 12

Pickup Points: TIN-671, TIN-667, TIN-441, TIN-676

Return Route: East on Trail 8; East on Trail I; East on Trail 8; North on Trail 7; North on Trail AA; East on Corridor 12

Destination: The Watering Hole

Organized By: Members Larry & Nancy Schum

Friday’s Forecast for Tripoli (As reported by AccuWeather).  Cloudy skies with a coating to an inch of snow late in the afternoon. The high temperature will be 21 degrees with a SE wind at 9 mph, occasionally gusting to 14 mph. Expect snow Thursday night with accumulation totals of 4 to 10 inches.  The low temperature will be 19 degrees and expect SE winds of 10 to 16 mph.