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Becoming a member of the Minocqua Forest Riders is easy!
Remember, being a club member fosters, expands and perpetuates the practice of safe snowmobiling and the spirit of good fellowship.

Renew or apply for new membership early because the trail pass process takes time! 

AWSC dues are processed on the 1st and the 15th of each month until the trails open.  Once trails are open they are processed more frequently.  The turnaround time has generally been 48 hours but with the current overload it may take a little longer once AWSC receives MFR membership info.

If you will be ordering discounted trail passes, be sure to select the option "Renew or New Membership with AWSC ($37)".

AWSC no longer mails the yellow AWSC membership cards.

To check your status – log onto and either enter your name or AWSC number (your number remains the same from year to year).

You can also find your number on the address label of your Wisconsin Snowmobile News Magazine.

Online Membership Form

Club Membership


New or Renewal Membership
w/AWSC Annual Dues = $37
NO AWSC Annual Dues = $25

Lifetime Member AWSC Dues = $12

Membership Type

New Member NO AWSC, New Member w/AWSC, Renewal Member NO AWSC, Renewal Member w/AWSC, Lifetime Member AWSC Dues

Print & Mail Forms

New/Renewal Membership

This is a printable Membership form that can be mailed in along with your check.  Just click on the button to open.

Lifetime Membership

If you have been an active Minocqua Forest Riders Club member for 10 years or more and are over the age of 70, you are eligible for lifetime membership.

Support Our Trails

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Be sure the names match the DNR records.

The information in the AWSC database has to match exactly (name and address) with what the DNR has on file or members will NOT be able to order trail passes... Please do not use nicknames because the chances are the State of WI DNR has the real name.

Look up your AWSC membership number, print your membership card and order trail passes directly from the AWSC website.

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