Renew or apply for early because the trail pass process takes time.

Annual Club Membership runs 05/01 through 04/30

Annual AWSC Membership runs 07/01 through 06/30

Processing for AWSC dues is done on the 1st and 15th of each month until trails open.  Dues are $13.00

Once trails open, dues are processed more frequently, and there is an additional $1 processing fee per individual that will be added.  

AWSC no longer mails the yellow membership cards.

Check your status at:  AWSC.org and either enter your name or AWSC number (your number remains the same from year to year), and can be found on the address label of your Wisconsin Snowmobile News Magazine.

Lifetime Membership EligibilityYou must be an active member of the Minocqua Forest Riders Club for 10 years or more AND over the age of 70.   The Board of Directors and/or the Membership Chair will review and approve all lifetime membership applications.  If you do not meet the requirements, your lifetime membership of $13 will be refunded and you will need to apply for a regular membership.

Club Membership


New or Renewal Membership
w/AWSC Annual Dues = $38
NO AWSC Annual Dues = $25

Lifetime Member AWSC Dues = $13

Membership Type

New Member NO AWSC $25, New Member w/AWSC $38, Renewal Member NO AWSC $25, Renewal Member w/AWSC $38, Lifetime Member AWSC Dues $13

Being a club member fosters, expands and perpetuates the practice of safe snowmobiling and the spirit of good fellowship.

Membership Includes:

  • Pride in belonging to a club, supporting trails and projects of snowmobiling
  • Access to the Members Only Site
  • Membership included into the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Club (AWSC)
  • Monthly club newsletter September thru April (via e-newsletter link)
  • Membership Sticker
  • Wisconsin Snowmobile News Magazine (7 issues per year September thru March)
  • Club voting rights at March meeting (Family Membership 2 votes, Single Membership 1 vote)

Print & Mail Forms

This is a printable membership form that can be mailed in along with your check.  Just click on the button to open.

Support Our Trails

Membership Timeline:  07/01 through 06/30 annually
Yearly AWSC Membership Cost:  $13.00

To purchase your trail passes at AWSC.org, you need your AWSC membership number AND current snowmobile registration.  Your AWSC membership number does not change from year to year. 

Your number can be found on your Wisconsin Snowmobile News magazine, or you can find it on the AWSC website.

Club membership renewal must happen PRIOR to ordering a trail pass. 

To order a discounted trail pass, you must belong to a snowmobile club and AWSC - cost will be $10 per sled.  If you do not belong to both, the cost is $30 per sled. 

The club will process your information and send it into AWSC on the 1st and the 15th of each month prior to the trails opening.  Once the trails open, AWSC information is processed more frequently.

After AWSC receives your information from the club, it takes ~1-2 days for them to process the paperwork and activate memberships.  New members will take ~3 days.

  • Paying by credit card is the fastest method. 
  • Paying by check and mailing in a form:  Be sure your name and address is EXACTLY what the WI DNR has on file, or the form will be returned by AWSC.  Both snowmobile club & AWSC memberships must be current.
  • AWSC no longer mails the yellow AWSC membership cards
  • Trail passes cannot be picked up in person
  • You can legally ride with your trail pass receipt
  • It can take up to 21 days for delivery via US mail
  • Call the AWSC office within 30 days of order date if your trail pass has not arrived by mail
  • No refunds

The age of your snowmobile matters:
If your snowmobile is 35 years old or Older, a trail pass is NOT REQUIRED 


"AWSC discontinues Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy" click here to learn more