Kickoff Party Horse & Saddle for Sale


Most of you who attended the kick-off party know that there was a wooden horse and saddle in our photo area that Pat Harkins created for our Western Theme, which was a fantastic addition to a very fun evening!

Pat put quite a bit of time into building this horse and has graciously offered to put both the horse and saddle up for sale to our members.  The owner of the saddle has given permission to sell her saddle for $200 and we are looking for a starting donation of $200 for the horse.

If MFR Club members are not interested in donating the $400 bid minimum then we will open it to Facebook Marketplace, saddle/tack shops and other businesses etc.

Donation bids are due by Sunday, December 17th at 6:00 pm to Pat Harkins at 608-577-3288.

The horse is extremely sturdy (picture below) and the measurements are as follows:

·        76” Nose to Tail

·        72” Tip of Ears to Ground

·        44” Body Length

·        48” Height @Shoulder

·        24” Saddle Length

·        36” Spread of Front Feet

·        125 Lbs ~Weight without the Saddle