MFR Trail Report 01-19-2023

Timing is everything!  The early week warming spell was creating havoc with our trails, as temperatures hovered near or above freezing.  And then we woke up Thursday morning to nearly a foot of snow!  Thank goodness the weather guessers got this one right!

Our groomer operators are reporting that the trails are in Very Good and in many cases Excellent Condition.

The trails on all of our lakes are marked (Amber, Booth, Buckskin, Pier, Squirrel, Sunday and Willow).

We have resumed our normal grooming schedule.

Trail Issues:
•   Trail 5A is closed between TIN-651 (the intersection of Trail 5 & Trail 5A) and TIN-653 (the intersection of Trail 5A & Price County Road). Follow the detour.
•    The swamp on Trail BB has frozen. There is a caution area on the north side and it’s marked with barrels. Please ride this trail with extreme caution. Even though it gets groomed on a regular basis, it also deteriorates much faster than most trails because of it’s heavy use.

Weekend Forecast (as predicted by AccuWeather):
Friday:        A high temperature of 26 degrees and a low temperature of 15 degrees. Expect NW winds at 8 mph and gusting to 21 mph. Cloudy skies will prevail by day and clearing during the nighttime hours.
Saturday:    A high temperature of 25 degrees and a low temperature of 17 degrees. Expect WSW winds of 7 mph under cloudy skies.Sunday:      A high temperature of 32 degrees and a low temperature of 31 degrees. Expect NW winds at 5 mph under partly cloudy skies.