MFR Trail Report 1-12-2023

Curt Christensen, President

So far, our trails have held up rather well during this bit of a warm spell.  But, we’re not out of the woods quite yet. It looks like we could see even warmer temperatures towards the end of the weekend. Please be aware that when temperatures rise above freezing, engines tend to overheat. To remedy this, consider riding with your scratchers down.

Our groomer operators are reporting that the trails are in Good to Very Good Condition. The base remains at about 6 to 9 inches. It’s possible that you might see bare spot creep up in a few corners and in heavily wooded areas. As the temperatures get warmer, consider giving our trails a bit of TLC and slow down when going through the corners.

The trails on all of our lakes will be marked by this weekend (Amber, Booth, Buckskin, Pier, Squirrel, Sunday and Willow).

The overnight temperature will dictate whether we groom or not. The ideal temperature for grooming is 28 degrees or less. When we can’t follow our regular grooming schedule, modifications will be made to accommodate the trails with the most traffic.

Trail Issues:

•   Trail 5A is closed between TIN-651 (the intersection of Trail 5 & Trail 5A) and TIN-653 (the intersection of Trail 5A & Price County Road). Follow the detour.

•    The swamp on Trail BB has frozen. There is a caution area on the north side and it’s marked with barrels. Please ride this trail with extreme caution. Even though it gets groomed on a regular basis, it also deteriorates much faster than most trails because of it’s heavy use.

Weekend Forecast (as predicted by AccuWeather):

Friday:        A high temperature of 22 degrees and a low temperature of 14 degrees. Expect NNW winds at 7 mph under cloudy skies by day and partly cloudy skies by night.

Saturday:    The temperature will remain steady at 26 degrees throughout the day and night. Expect S winds of 9 to 15 mph under cloudy to mostly cloudy skies.

Sunday:      A high temperature of 32 degrees and a low temperature of 31 degrees. Expect S winds at 9 to 13 mph under partly cloudy skies.

Monday:     A high temperature of 38 degrees and a low temperature of 34 degree. Expect variable winds at 8 mph with a chance of mixed precipitation going into the evening hours.