President Curt Christensen’s Trail Report 02-10-2021

21 – 02_10 – Wd

Maybe some of you aren’t aware of this: The Minocqua Forest Riders adopted the Willow Region Sportsman’s Club snowmobile trails this past fall (These trails have TIN numbers between 500 & 599). In this and future reports, I’ll refer to these trails as the Willow Trails and the original Forest Rider trails as the Northern Trails (These trails have TIN numbers between 600 & 699).


Northern Trails: Good to Very Good Condition. You may even find a few stretches of trail that’s in Excellent Condition.

Willow Trails: Fair to Good Condition. The base is still pretty thin through the wooded areas. Be on the lookout for good sized rocks rearing their ugly heads out from under the base.

Trail Issues:

•         There’s a logging operation on Trail 9/10A between Lower Kaubashine Road (TIN-671) and Cedar Falls Drive (TIN-670). Recommend Detour:

–          Heading South – Follow Trail K west at TIN-671 to the Snowmobile Route on Cedar Falls Drive and turn left (first road intersection). You’ll eventually merge onto the trail.

–          Heading North – Continue north on the Cedar Falls Drive Snowmobile Route past where the trail enters the woods. Turn right onto Trail K (Lower Kaubashine Road) and head east to TIN-671.

•         Trail J, east of Bo-Di-Lac Drive (TIN 611) has exposed stumps and logs in the swampy area where the trail comes off of Squirrel Lake. Even with last weeks new snow, this is still an issue. Ride with caution on this section of trail.

Grooming:  We’re grooming on an as needed basis because of how hard the trails have become during the deep freeze.

Weekend Weather Outlook (as reported by AccuWeather):

There’s a possibility of a coating to an inch of snow Thursday afternoon through Friday morning. The high temperatures will remain in the low single digits with the high temperature on Sunday not even above zero! Expect NNW winds of 5 to 10 mph throughout this time period. Overnight low temperatures will range from -15 degrees on Friday to -20 degrees on Sunday. Looking ahead: Starting Monday, the temperatures will begin to inch their way back to normal from 9 degrees to 20 degrees late in the week.

Upcoming Club Event:

Saturday, February 20th:     Snowmobile Raffle Drawing     Lakeland Powersports