President Curt Christensen’s Trail Report 01-27-2021

21 – 01_27 Trail Report

Finally, the trails are open! That’s the good news. The somewhat bad news is that many of the trails in heavily wooded areas barely have enough snow to form a base. It also appears that there is more snow on the trails in the western half of our trail system.

Trails:  In general, the trails are in Fair to Good Early Season Riding Condition.

Lakes:  All lake trails have been marked.

Trail Issues:

•   The condition of Corridor Trail 10, east of Squirrel Lake Road (TIN-610), Corridor Trail 12, east of Trail L (TIN-676) and Trail 5 between Manhardt Road (TIN-655) and Flowage Road (TIN-662) is in fair condition at best. Watch for debris in the trails such as small rocks that have surfaced during the panning process.

•    A logging operation on Trail 9/10A between Lower Kaubashine Road (TIN-671) and Cedar Falls Drive (TIN-670) has just started. The logging company has plowed that section of trail down to mostly dirt. Recommend Detour: Follow Trail K west at TIN-671 to the Snowmobile Route on Cedar Falls Drive and turn left (first road intersection). You’ll eventually merge onto the trail.

•    The section of Trail 5 between Willow Road (TIN-515) and Ruth Road (TIN-511) is in extremely poor condition. Be cautious and ride this trail section very slowly.

•    Trail J, east of Bo-Di-Lac Drive (TIN 611) has exposed stumps and logs in the swampy area where the trail comes off of Squirrel Lake.


All trails will be panned by late afternoon on Thursday. Trail grooming will be scheduled as needed.

Upcoming Event:  Saturday, February 20th:   Snowmobile Raffle Drawing at Lakeland Powersports