President Curt Christensen’s Trail Update 02-25-2021

21 – 02_25 Trail Report

As March approaches, the sun is getting higher in the sky and the daytime temperatures are approaching the low to mid 30 degree range. But, if the overnight low temperatures stay in the teens to lower 20s, we should be able to keep most of our trails in pretty decent late season condition. We’ll see what Mother Nature has in store for us.

Trails:  All Minocqua Forest Rider Trails – Fair to sometimes Very Good Condition.

Trail Issues:

  • There’s a logging operation on Trail 9/10A between Lower Kaubashine Road (TIN-671) and Cedar Falls Drive (TIN-670). Follow the detour.
  • A logging operation has begun on Corridor 12 a mile east of TIN-677.  About a mile 1 & 1/2 stretch of the trail has been plowed down to almost dirt, beginning at the gate near Oak Rd and heading east. To avoid this section of trail if you’re heading west on Corridor 12: Follow Trail AA (TIN-864) south to the intersection of Trail 7. Follow Trail 7 north to Corridor 12 (past TIN-441).
  • Trail J, east of Bo-Di-Lac Drive (TIN 611) may have exposed stumps and logs in the swampy area where the trail comes off of Squirrel Lake. Ride with caution.
  • Trails through heavily wooded areas (primarily the eastern half of Corridors 10 & 12 and sections of Trail 5) have less snow on them and will begin to deteriorate sooner as the warmer weather approaches.
  • Trails running on Snowmobile Routes will begin to loose snow on sections of trail exposed to direct sunlight. Lower Kaubashine Rd, East of Trail 9/10A (TIN-671) has lost a lot of snow already and sections are down to concrete.

Grooming:  All trails will be groomed and ready to go for the weekend.

Weekend Weather Outlook (as reported by AccuWeather):

Friday: Mostly cloudy and windy. The daytime high temperature will be 39 degrees with an overnight low of 29 degrees. Expect southerly winds a 22 mph with wind gusts exceeding 30 mph. An inch or more of snow is predicted during the overnight hours.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy. The daytime high temperature will be 42 degrees with an overnight low of 26 degrees. Winds will be out of the southwest at 8 mph. Expect a coating to an inch of snow during the overnight hours.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy. The daytime high temperature will be 32 degrees with an overnight low of 8 degrees. Northwesterly winds will be 10 mph with wind gusts up to 17 mph. Expect a coating of snow sometime during the day.