PSA – Trail Closing Oneida County

PSA 2024 – closing

Public Service Announcement

DATE: March 7, 2024
TO: News Media (and other interested parties)
FROM: Oneida County Snowmobile Council (OCSC)
RE: Oneida County Snowmobile Trail System

The OCSC met on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, and voted unanimously to NOT open the Oneida County state funded and club funded trails for the remainder of the 2024 snowmobile season.

After careful consideration, the council felt there would be a negative impact to landowner properties and there could be an inability of clubs to prepare for any significant snowfall safely. The lack of adequate preparation could lead to poor riding conditions and potential damage to landowner property and grooming equipment.

The snow season of 2023-2024 will undoubtedly go down as one of the worst in recent years and member clubs are very considerate of all landowners and folks impacted by the lack of any significant snow. We all hope to not ever see another snow season like this one!

Thank you to all who support snowmobiling in Oneida County!!

Any questions or comments can be directed to OCSC President – Jim Wendt @ 715-891-1610