Spring Roadside Cleanup Thank You!

Another great turnout for the Adopt-A-Highway cleanup day this past Saturday, May 11, 2024!

We had 11 people out there to take on the garbage and the ticks.  Overall, we won the battle collecting 19 bags of trash, 2 tires, metal gridwork, and what we believed to be 1 partially destroyed bread tray.  Of course there were also several pieces of car parts from people hitting wildlife as well.  We did have a few ticks on the volunteers, however, the 1.3 miles of road we took care of was cleaned up and ready for another vacation season.  It’s great to know we have club members that are willing to come out and spend a few hours doing this.

A huge “Thank You” to those mentioned below for making the effort and helping make the Northwoods a better place, “One McDonald’s wrapper at a time”!

Our Volunteers Were:
Silas Fetrow
Sharon Harkins
Jan Homuth
Selena Krajnik
Michael Krajnik
Wes Nieze
Eileen Ryan
John Ryan
Dan Solheid
Gloria Tamms
Jerry Wakefield