Thank You!!!!

I wanted to thank all the Club members and non-members who helped out during our work days on October 15, 29 and November 2.

On October 15, we had 20 people show up for the work day and split into three groups.  One group worked on clearing trees, brushing and mowing on Trail 5 South reroute.  The second group worked on putting up a kiosk at the intersection of Trail 8/12 and 8B.  This included digging holes for the kiosk posts and cleaning out the area.  The third group worked on clearing brush around signs, picking rocks and other trail maintenance on Trail 8/12 East and Trail I.  At 1:00 p.m., J&D’s Reel’Em In provided the workers with lunch which was very much appreciated and the food was great.

October 29 we had eleven people for the work day and split into two groups.  One group worked on the approaches on the Brant Creek bridge.  The other group installed a double wide gate on the north side of Price County Road on Trail 5N and put rip rap on both sides of the newly installed culvert just off Willow Road on Trail 8/12.  At 1:00 p.m. Behnke’s Bucksnort Resort provided the workers with a variety of tasty pizzas which were appreciated.

November 2 was a work day at the Willow shed.  A roof was installed over the diesel tank and a few improvements were done on the inside of the Club Shed.

Thank you to all who donated their time and equipment to improve the Minocqua Forest Riders Snowmobile trails.

Merrill Schield
Minocqua Forest Riders
Area 6 Leader