Trail Report & Map

January 9, 2019 by Curt Christensen, Club President

The last snowfall we received wasn’t quite as much as expected. We received anywhere from two to four inches of new snow. The storm produced more snow northeast of Minocqua. In general, our trail conditions have improved and are now in Fair to Good Condition.

Trail Conditions:

Corridor 10 East (TIN-610 to TIN-712)Fair to Good Condition

Corridor 10 West (TIN-610 to TIN-620)Fair to Good Condition

Corridor 10 West (TIN-620 to TIN-621)Poor Condition with possible bare spots

Club Trail BB:  Fair Condition

Club Trails J, C, P, D, & S:  Good Condition

Club Trail A:  Fair to Good Condition

Corridor 12:  Fair to Good Condition

Trail 5 North (TIN-622 to TIN-624):  Excellent Condition

Trail 5 North (TIN-651 to TIN-622):  Fair to Good Condition

Trail 5 South (TIN-651 to TIN-662):  Poor to Fair Condition (Option: use Trail G & Corridor 12)

Club Trail G & L:  Fair  to Good Condition

Club Trail 5A & K:  Fair to Good Condition

Minocqua Lake: The ice under the Highway 51 bridge is still not safe for snowmobiles to ride on. It’s been determined that the ice is only 2” to 4” thick. The lake will not be marked until there’s safe ice conditions on this part of the lake. It’s highly recommended that you don’t travel on the lake until it's marked.

Snowmobile Routes are trails that run on roads. Most of Trail 10A and all of Trail K do this. There are also many other short sections of trail that use road sections for short periods of time. These sections of trail are snow covered and solid with very little snow to kick up into the track of your sled to keep it cool. Watch out for engine overheating.

Weather Forecast:

Thursday the temperature will be near 20 degrees, under cloudy skies, with a 3 mph NE breeze. Expect temperatures to increase a bit, under partly to mostly cloudy skies, to around 25 degrees beginning Friday and continuing throughout the weekend. The wind will be variable, primarily out of the South and East at 6 mph.  There’s no significant chance of precipitation during this time period.

Upcoming Club Event:

Saturday, January 12th:               Chili Buffet & Membership Meeting at The Boathouse

Saturday, January 26th:               Northwoods Cruise for Cancer Ride at The Boathouse

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