Trail Report & Map

February 13, 2019 by Curt Christensen, Club President

All those snow dances that you’ve been doing sure did pay off! Another twelve to fourteen inches of new snow fell throughout our trail system from late afternoon on  Tuesday until midnight. Subsequently, our trails are reported to be in Very Good to Excellent Condition.

Pier/Willow Region Trails:

Trail #5, #8 & #12 are reported to be in Very Good to Excellent Condition.

Trail I (Iron Gate Road) is in fair condition due to logging activity.

Trail Concerns:

Nothing has been reported by our groomer operators at this time.

Lakes Tomahawk & Katherine:

There’s a new land bypass that’s been built to avoid going through the troublesome tunnel of past years. Follow the new lake markers and signage.

Weekend Weather Forecast (as reported by

Friday night you can expect a temperature of 2 degrees under partly cloudy skies and a 4 mph breeze out of the Northwest.

Saturday it will be overcast with a high of 23 degrees. Expect a light breeze coming from the Northeast. During the evening the clouds will remain and the nighttime low temperature will be 4 degrees with light and variable winds.

Expect partly cloudy skies on Sunday with a high temperature of 21 degrees with Northwest winds gusting up to 10 mph. Overnight the winds will be light and variable with a low temperature of 2 degrees.

Cloudy skies remain in the forecast on President’s Day with a daytime high temperature reaching 19 degrees with light and variable winds. The overnight low temperature will dip down to a -1 degrees with a few clouds from time to time. Winds will continue to be light and variable.

Upcoming Club Event:

Saturday, February 16th:              Brat Party at Musky Shores

Tuesday, February 19th:              Membership Meeting at Musky Shores

Saturday, February 23rd:              Raffle Drawing Party at Rustic Pines

Tuesday, March 20th:                   Membership Meeting at Bitters & Bull

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