Trail Report

Trail Report March 15, 2018

By Curt Christensen, President of the Forest Riders:

 My season ends when the Bearskin Trail is no longer ridable, so today’s report is based on what I’ve heard from other club members and the news is still positive! Our trails for the most part are in Good Condition. Corridor 10 is loosing snow more rapidly than the other trails and you will find dirt patches in some places. Corridor 12 has been getting the most use down in the southwest and is developing moguls. Expect a rough trail over the Swamsauger Swamp between TIN-652 & TIN-648. Trail 5A has been closed due to spring trail work. Trailer Parking: Unfortunately most feeder trails and Snowmobile Routes leading to our trail system have deteriorated and are not allowing access to the “good snow.” An alternative to being able to enjoy some quality spring riding is to trailer your sled to one of our three parking areas located on the trails. These locations are marked with a white P inside a Red circle on our trail map. Grooming: The club’s no longer grooming the trails and grooming operations will only begin again if we get a significant snowfall in the near future. Closing Date: The Oneida County Snowmobile Council has decided to keep the county trail system open through the weekend. Trail conditions will be evaluated again early next week to determine a possible closing date. The Vilas County trail system will also be open this weekend. Thank You: For all the positive comments the Club’s been receiving throughout the season about how much you’ve enjoyed riding our trail system! Our grooming team loves to get your positive feedback and a big round of applause goes out to Trail Supervisor Bob Rynders and Team Members Tim Deschler, Mike Deutscher, Chris Dudek, Rick Edwardsen, Bruce Gruna, Jim Heller, John Hollander, Doug Holle, Curtis Hupf, Dave Kasprzyk, James Kendzior, Frank Kozlowski, Jeff Kresch, Bruce La Rose, Tony Loomis, Gordon Murray, George Tamms and Art Wehnert! Upcoming Club Event: Tuesday, March 20th: Membership Meeting at Bitters & Bull