Trail Update – 12-26-2019

Our MFR President Curt Christensen’s Travel Wisconsin Report 12-26-2019.

Lakes: Because of the week long warming trend, the lakes remain closed until further notice! Trails: All Minocqua Forest Rider and Willow Sportsmen Club trails are in Fair to Good early season riding condition. Expect moist spots in low lying and swampy areas. Trail Closings: Trail D (The Kobart Trail) between Squirrel and Sunday Lakes. Trail R leading to the County Line Station from Trail D. Trail S leading to Squaw Lake on the south shore. Swamps: These sections of trail are not being groomed because of thin ice. Expect ruff riding and proceed with caution! Grooming: Trails are being groomed on an as needed basis. Beginning the first full week in January, after the temperatures return back to normal for this time of year, we will be following our regular schedule.