Volunteers Needed for Set-Up/Tear Down at Beef-A-Rama








The club is putting together work crews to help the Minocqua Area Rotary Lunch Club Set-Up and Tear-Down large tents they use to serve food and beverages during Beef-A-Rama on Saturday, September 25th (09/25).

The club has been doing this for at least 4 years now and it’s a great partnership. The Rotary Lunch Club has given us a donation of over $3,000 for our assistance in this activity and for helping to serve food during the event (Sue Ramirez is organizing this group) for the past two year.

I’m in charge of organizing two work crews as follows:

1.    Set-Up Crew: Meet at Chicago Street in downtown Minocqua on Friday, September 24th (09/24) at 9:00 AM. The crew will go to the storage facility and load the tents on trailers and set them up at the site.

2.    Tear-Down Crew: Meet at Chicago Street in downtown Minocqua on Sunday, September 26th (09/26) at 9:00 AM. The crew will take down the tents and return them to the storage facility.

We also need to find several large trailers that can be used to hall the tents from the storage shed to the site. I’m also looking for a team leader for both Friday and Sunday to work with Fritz (Lunch Club Contact) to organize the process. I’m going to be out of town that weekend. It would be great if someone who worked on this project in the past volunteer to take on this roll.

Please reply to Curt Christensen at 608.632.2492 or curtolaf@me.com (include your telephone number) if you’re interested in volunteering for this event as follows:

·  I want to be on the Set-Up Crew

·  I want to be on the Tear-Down Crew

·  I want to be on Both Crews

·  I have a trailer that I can bring for hauling (specify which day).

Thanks for considering to be a volunteer for this project. This is one of our largest revenue generating activities that we participate in each year.

Curt Christensen
Minocqua Forest Riders Snowmobile Club
(608) 632-2492