Weekly Club Ride – Thursday, February 20, 2020

PDF COPY – 2020 – 0220 – Burnt Bridge

This week’s Club Ride is Thursday, February 20th.

We’ll be heading northeast towards Conover, through the St Germain area on Bo-Boen Club trails. Our return ride will take us back to the Yacht Club, riding on mostly Cross Country Cruiser Club trails.

*** Club Membership Not Needed To Participate ***

Destination: The Burnt Bridge Tavern & Restaurant

Time: Meet at 10:15 AM; Ready to Ride at 10:30 AM / Location: Minocqua Lake In Front of the Yacht Club

Route: East on The Lake Trail; South on Corridor 17; East on Trail 70; North on Trail 6; East on Trail 70; South on Trail 15; East on Corridor 10; North on Corridor 13; North on Trail 8B

Pickup Point: TIN-702; TIN-705

Return Route: West on Corridor 8; South on Trail 11; South on Corridor 15; South on Trail 9; West on Trail 70; North on Corridor 17; West on the Minocqua Lake Trail

Destination: Minocqua Yacht Club

Organized By: Members Larry & Nancy Schum

Thursday’s Forecast for Conover:  There will be mostly sunny skies with a high temperature of 18 degrees. Expect a west wind of 9 mph. The skies will remain clear during the evening hours with a low temperature of 4 degrees. Winds will shift slightly and be out of the west and south at 8 mph.

Upcoming Club Events:
Sunday, February 23rd: Raffle Drawing Party at Rustic Pines
Tuesday, March 17th: Membership Meeting at Bitters & Bull

*** The next Club ride will be Thursday, February 27th ***