Weekly Group Ride

February 10, 2019

Curt Christensen, President

This week’s group ride is Thursday, February 14th.  We’ll be heading south, taking in the scenic beauty along Highway 51 before riding west through the Harshaw area and to our destination.  The return route will take us northwest, back to the Bearskin Trail.

*** Club Membership Not Needed To Participate ***

Destination:            The Woodpecker Bar & Grill

Time:                     Meet at 10:15 and be ready to ride at 10:30 AM

Location:              TIN-719 on the Bearskin Trail in Hazelhurst (gas available)

Route:                    South on Trail 51; South on Trail 51B; North on Trail 51; East on Trail 8A; South on Trail 51C; Pit Stop at the Alpine Resort; South on Trail 51C; East on Trail 8

Pickup Points:     TIN-861, TIN-860

Return Route:        West on Trail 8; North on Corridor 17; West on Trail 49A

Destination:            Birch Lake Bar & Resort

Organized By:       Members Larry & Nancy Schum

Thursday’s Forecast for Harshaw (as predicted by weather.com)

Expect cloudy skies with a 40% chance of afternoon snow showers. Look for an afternoon high temperature of 27F with light and variable winds. The overnight low will be 12F with NNE winds gusting up to 10 mph. There’s a 60% chance you might see 1 to 3 of new snow!

Upcoming Club Events:

Sunday, February 16th:           Brat Fest at Musky Shores

Tuesday, February 19th:          Membership Meeting at Musky Shores

Saturday, February 23rd:         Snowmobile Raffle at the Rustic Pines Pub

Tuesday, March 19th:              Membership Meeting at Bitters & Bull

Take your Sweetheart on a Valentine’s Day Ride!

*** The Next Group Ride Will Be Thursday, February 21st ***