Weekly Group Ride

February 25, 2019

Curt Christensen, President

This week’s group ride is Thursday, February 28th.  We’ll be riding Forest Rider trails all afternoon.  Before lunch we’ll be stopping to take in the scenic beauty of Cedar Falls.  On the way to our final destination, we’ll be exploring a few of our Club Trails up in the Lakes Region.

*** Club Membership Not Needed To Participate ***

Destination:            Bucksnort Resort

Meet At:                Intersection of Trail 9/10A & Corridor 10 (TIN-601)

Time:                     Arrive at 10:15 and be ready to ride at 10:30 AM

Route:                    South on Trail 9; West on Corridor 12

Pickup Points:     TIN-671; TIN-667

Return Route:        East on Corridor 12; North on Trail 5; East on Corridor 10; East on Trail P; South on Trail C; East Corridor 10; North on Trail BB

Destination:            Black Bear Bar

Organized By:       Members Larry & Nancy Schum

Thursday’s Forecast for Tripoli

There’s a 40% chance of snow showers early in the day. The high temperature will be 20 degrees with a Southwest wind of 7 mph. The sun will try to peek through the clouds later in the day. The overnight low temperature will dip down to -3 degrees with light and variable winds.

Upcoming Club Events:

Tuesday, March 19th:             Membership Meeting at Bitters & Bull

Tuesday, May  7th:                 Membership Appreciation Dinner

*** The Final group ride, led by Larry & Nancy, will be Thursday, March 7th ***

Are you interested in continuing the Club Group Rides until the end of the season? Contact me at curtolaf@me.com or (608) 632-2492 if you would like to lead a Ride(s).