Weekly Trail Report 02-14-2020

Curt Christensen, President

Every little bit of snow helps. The base is still solid but now covered by a layer of loose snow, making for a great riding experience.

Forest Rider Trails:
All trails are in Very Good to Excellent condition.

Willow Region Trails (reported by Jim Bosben, President):
All trails are in Very Good to Excellent Condition.

Trail Concerns:
• Trail K East of TIN-671 has very little snow on Lower Kaubashine Road
• Trail 5 from TIN-517 to TIN-515 has logging trucks using the trail

Trail Closings:
• Trail 5 from Willow Road (TIN-525) to the Spillway (TIN-524)
• Trail A Trail Grooming: Corridor 12, Corridor 10, Trail 5 and Trail BB are groomed at least 4 times a week; All other club trails are groomed once or twice a week. To maintain quality trails, our grooming machines will be out during daytime hours.

Internet Site Shows When Trails Have Recently Been Groomed:

Weather Outlook (as reported by weather.com):
The high temperatures will hover around the freezing mark going into the weekend with variable winds, mostly out of the North and West. Mostly cloudy skies will prevail during the beginning of the period with a chance of snow on Monday. The temperatures will drop into the mid teens mid week with an increasing chance to see the sun. Expect variable winds to change direction and be mostly out of the south and west.