Weekly Trail Report 03-04-2020

In general, trails that are not on Snowmobile Routes are in Fair to Good condition. As the temperature warms this weekend (near 50 degrees on Saturday and almost 60 degrees by Sunday afternoon), the corners and sections of trail that are exposed to the sun will deteriorate first, creating patches of dirt. The trail most affected will be Corridor 12, east of TIN-441 (Intersection with Trail 7) and between TIN-658 and TIN-676 (Kennedy Fire Lane).

Best Trails for Riding:
Corridor 10, west of TIN-610 (Squirrel Lake Rd); Corridor 12, west of TIN-664 (Intersection with Trail 7); Trail 5; Trail 7; Trails G & L; Possibly Trails C, D & P.  Corridor 10 & Trail 10A, west of TIN-673 (Intersection with Trail 7):  Short stretches of Corridor 10 are on both Sutton Rd & Kilawee Rd and a 3.5 mile stretch is on Scotchman Lake Rd. Trail 10A runs exclusively on Camp Nine Rd. As of today, there was enough snow on these roads for snowmobile traffic. That probably won’t be the case by Saturday evening.

Trails NOT Recommended for Riding:
• Trail 9: There are two sections of trail that run on routes (North of TIN-672 and South of TIN-670) and there will be little or no snow on them.
• Trail 10A between TIN-673 (Trail 7) and TIN-671 (Trail 9) that runs on Camp Nine Rd has little or no snow on it.
• Trail K East of TIN-671 (Lower Kaubashine Road) has no snow on it.
• Trail 5 from TIN-517 to TIN-515 has logging trucks using the trail and is in poor condition at best.
• The detour on Willow Rd (Spillway Detour) has little or no snow on it.

Trails Closed:
• Trail 5 from TIN-525 (Willow Road) to TIN-524 (The Spillway).
• Trail A

Trail Grooming:
Based on the weather forecast for this weekend, grooming operations have most likely ended for the season.

Season Closing Date:
The Oneida County Forestry Department will make a Public Service Announcement when the trails become unsafe for public use. This date is determined by the Oneida County Snowmobile Council.