Welcome to a New Year for the Minocqua Forest Riders!

Membership Update:

  • As many of you may know, our organization works on a fiscal year calendar which always begins on May 1. As part of the start of this new fiscal year, please consider renewing your membership now instead of waiting until later in the season.
  • Why do you ask? Because we are all still hard at work on the equipment, trails, our facilities, and working on land use agreements. All of the mentioned items require money, and your membership dues are a very important part of our upcoming work.
  • Due to increased expenses across all aspects of the club, the BOD has voted to; increase our dues by $5.00 annually, and pass the 3% convenience fee back to the member for credit card renewals ($.90 cents on a $30 membership). You will always have the option to mail in a check along with the membership application. Both options are on the website https://minocquaforestriders.org/join-our-club/.
  • As a reminder, we are a 501(C) (3) organization. This means that any donation above your membership is possibly tax deductible. I hope this will encourage you to help us get your trails and equipment ready for next season.

Financial Update:

  • The BOD has also begun starting this May, to allocate the amount of our former Pisten Bully grooming machine loan payment, to future equipment purchases. Along with the money that has already been saved, it will help us plan for the future. We simply cannot afford to absorb these additional costs, and save for new equipment that will be needed in the near future.

Equipment Update:

  • Our equipment committee has made recommendations to purchase a few new items to replace ones that are aging (nothing extravagant).
  • We have also started to inquire about the cost of replacing our grooming machines because unfortunately, some of them are getting to the end of their lives. We will continue to keep you posted on these decisions.
  • There are other items that we need to help get the trails ready, and it has been suggested that we get a UTV type vehicle for trail work. Unfortunately, with our expected upcoming expenses, we as an equipment committee, and BOD, feel that now is not the time to purchase that type of machine. If anyone may be considering selling or trading in a UTV type vehicle, please also consider donating it to the club which would greatly help us with trail work, and can also be tax deductible!

Well, that’s enough for now. Thank you for your time today, and enjoy your summer!