What You Need To Know About: AWSC / Membership / Trail Passes

Dear Members:

Winter has arrived and even though the trails won’t be open for a while, it is time to renew your memberships (if you haven’t already) so you have your trail passes when they do!

As a reminder, all AWSC memberships expired on 6/30/2022.


  • Club membership renewal must happen PRIOR to ordering a trail pass.
  • To order a discounted trail pass, you must belong to a snowmobile club and AWSC – cost will be $10 per sled.  If you do not belong to both, the cost is $30 per sled.
    When you renew your Minocqua Forest Riders membership and plan to order a trail pass, make sure to select the option “Renew w/AWSC $38”.
  • The club will process your information and send it into AWSC on the 1st and the 15th of each month prior to the trails opening.  Once the trails open, AWSC information is processed more frequently.After AWSC receives your information from the club, it takes ~1-2 days for them to process the paperwork and activate memberships.  New members will take ~3 days.
    To purchase your trail passes at AWSC.org, you need your AWSC membership number AND current snowmobile registration.  Your AWSC membership number does not change from year to year.
  • Your number can be found on your Wisconsin Snowmobile News magazine, or you can find it on the AWSC website.
    Any questions or problems, please send us an email:  minocquaforestriders@gmail.com.

Think snow!!